Extensions are one of our specialities and we pride ourselves on providing an  excellent service.  Many homeowners are deciding to make the most of their property’s potential by  extending their home, rather than moving. This has happen more so since the start  of the pandemic in 2020 where family were forced to stay at home and realised there  homes wasn’t quite big enough for family life.  LKB Brickworks & Groundworks will fully project manage your whole  extension build from start to finish and arrange all trades.  To ensure we are able to estimate your extension faster it would be great if you have  a set of drawings for us to work from. Its quick and easy to upload these to us via  our contact us page.  If you happen not to have this in place and you’re at the first initial stage of enquiring  about an extension, please call the office where a member of the team will be more  than happy to assist you. Extensions Patios are an excellent way of adding an extra outside space to your home. Utilising  the available space, Lkb Brickwork & Groundworks  will blend your ideas with our  extensive garden landscaping design and experience, to leave you with  the garden you’ve been dreaming of. Patios Driveways When friends and family visit your home, your driveway should create an excellent  first impression, because it is usually the first thing they see. You need to be certain  that your new driveway is designed to enhance your home and that’s why at  LKB Brickwork & Groundworks are here to help.  Great driveways don’t need to come with a great environmental cost. During our  projects, we strive to recycle and divert as much waste from landfill as possible.  Thats why we have carefully chosen two companies to deal with our waste.  If your project is local to Maidstone, our clean hardcore and soil gets taken to  Gallager quarry located near Maidstone Hospital. This is then screened and resold  resulting in none going to landfill.  To find out more information please click the link Gallagher Recycling  When it comes to general rubbish we only use Pinden who provide us our skips.  Pinden is one of the largest waste recycling operations in Kent. They have made  sustained investment to provide a modern, efficient and effective recycling service. A standard single garage is approximately 150sq ft. With the size of todays cars  compared to when the garage would of ordinally been built it’s far to small to fit a  family car. However over the last few years we have removed several the existing  garage and extending both in width and length making it easier to fit a family car and  also adding additional storage.  On the other hand that’s a lot of potential extra living space for you to convert into an  integral part of your house. For those with a double garage the perfect solution may  lie in a ‘part conversion’, where typically the front or rear of the garage is retained to  house the lawnmower or your bicycle whilst the rest of the garage is converted into a  habitable room.  THE POSSIBILITIES FOR YOUR GARAGE CONVERSIONS ROOM ARE  ENDLESS, BUT WHATEVER YOU WANT TO USE THE EXTRA SPACE FOR WE  CAN HELP YOU PLAN AND BUILD YOUR GARAGE CONVERSION INTO: Extra bedroom with or without en-suite facilities Games room home office or study Kitchen Utility room Bathroom dining room home cinema THERE ARE MANY GOOD REASONS TO CONSIDER A GARAGE CONVERSION  OVER OTHER TYPES OF EXTENSIONS: Add value to your property Don’t lose garden space Don’t lose driveway PORCHES  Porches provide additional space to your home for storing coats, umbrellas, shoes  or just as a luxurious spacious welcome space to your home. Porches offer an extra level of security to your home as they are a great  deterrent to even the most determined burglar.                                                                                                                                                            Conservatories   Are a welcome addition to any home. For some, a conservatory extension can be  enjoyed as a place for relaxation, a playroom or extra space to host. LKB Brickwork &  Groundworks will individually design your conservatory to meet your needs  inspiring both traditional and contemporary styles.                      Drainage Renewing your old underground pipe work is a great preventative measure to stop it  from blocking or leaking. We are able to dig up and replace your old underground  drainage with new PVC underground drainage.  PITCH FIBRE Pitch Fibre is a terrible product that was used from the 1940’s as a cheaper  alternative clay pipe. When under pressure from ground loading above it collapses  and becomes misshaped. The internal wall blisters and de-laminates.  CAST IRON SOIL STACKS Is your old cast iron soil pipe cracked and falling away from your property? or looking  old and needs changing. We can carefully remove the weighty cast iron soil stack  and replace it with a new Black PVC soil stack. Garage Alterations
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Digger hire we offer a complete range  of digger and plant hire  we can either supply just the machine  or the machine and operators  we can also arrange the  relevant insurance   which needs to purchased  before any machine  goes on hire   we normally offer a same day  or next day service  on self drive/hire